PC Security Shield Virus Alert:

  • Also Known As
  • Type
  • I-worm 
  • Systems Affected
  • Win32 
  • Resident in System Memory
  • No
  • Origin
  • others
  • Encryption
  • No
  • How it spread
  • Email
  • Infection symptoms
  • Sends email, Analyzing
  • Specific date of infections
  •  None
  • Destructivity/ Distribution Potential
  • ** / ***  

    Technical Description


    This worm retrieves email addresses from the infected computer and spreads itself via with its own SMTP engine.

    It was found on Sep.10, 2009 and Mail server of Hauri Inc. have received more than ten emails sent by worm.

    Upon infected, Backdoor.Win32.Mydoom.251904 is downloaded and executed from the several URL defined inside worm.

    [Infection symptoms]

    1. Upon infected, specified file is downloaded from the following address hard coated inside, and this file is detected/repaired

    How to repair:       [Repair by using The Shield AntiVirus]

    The Shield AntiVirus

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